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Consultative Workday Expertise

The Vedalgo Workday team specializes in connecting organizations looking to gain efficiencies through their use of Workday with their network of highly specialized Workday experts.

Reporting & Analytics

Could your organization benefit from gaining a comprehensive view of your workforce analytics? Vedalgo Workday consultants can help.

Adaptive Planning

The key to adaptive planning success is data integration. Vedalgo Workday consultants are well-versed in converting data into Workday.

HCM & Payroll

Workday Human Capital Management unifies a wide range of HR functionality into a single system; Vedalgo Workday consultants help you manage and maximize it.


The power of having finance, HR and analytics in one system means connectivity, visibility and efficiency. Vedalgo Workday consultants are integration experts.

Financial Management

Automated financial management processes and deeper insights are possible. Couple workday with one of our expert consultants and get started today.

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We are committed to being the best technology staffing and solutions provider by knowing the best people and paying them accordingly.

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We work with purpose. And we are proud to be a technology partner to the world’s
most innovative teams and organizations.

Vedalgo is Specialized, Like You

Our highly skilled network chooses to work with us because of our commitment to people, process and technology. There is nothing general about us or what we do.

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We remain highly specialized by maintaining focus, rigor and by following a process centered around doing the basics extraordinarily well.

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