Why Choose Us

The secret to our success lies in our dedication to service excellence at every level. We focus on providing you technology staffing and recruiting options that can match your unique work requirements. The foundation of our staffing solutions lies in building and maintaining mindful relationships with corporations, startups, venture capitalists and industry thought leaders.


Why Choose Us

The candidates we discover have access to extensive networks of IT and tech professionals who require the skills they have. Our talented technical recruiters are used to delivering robust and diverse experienced talent for our clients across a variety of technologies. This includes apps, products, services and methodologies. Our employees have diverse experience in staffing and recruitment in all major tech areas.


This makes us invaluable for a range of organizations that are searching for qualified candidates for their IT departments such as the Public Sector, healthcare, higher education institutions etc.
As specialists with years of experience in Oracle Cloud, Workday, Oracle PeopleSoft, SAP and Data Warehouse, Informatica and Big Data, we know exactly which skills job candidates should have in order to become valuable members of an organization. Our aim is to provide trusted and reliable platinum level talent whether you want to enhance your in-house team or create a new one.


An expert tech recruiting partner is essential in today’s competitive tech market. It’s a war for talent out there and we are right there on the front lines picking the cream of the crop for your organization. Our razor focus on discovering and placing trained, certified and experienced resource is what has allowed us to maintain our top spot.

Our passion for Big Data, ERP (Oracle Cloud, Oracle Oracle PeopleSoft, security networking etc) is what sets us apart from other recruiters who may not realize the significance of a tech position or the skills it requires. Get in touch with us at VedAlgo and find out how we can help you bridge that gap.