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Consultative Salesforce Expertise

The Vedalgo Salesforce team provides the expertise to power Salesforce as it powers an entire suite of connected apps. From marketing and sales to commerce, service, and IT, Vedalgo can help from start to finish.

360 Degree Platform Integration

Connect your Salesforce apps, integrate with other tools in your technology stack and more – with Vedalgo’s Salesforce expertise


Create and modify new custom fields, objects, reports and other variables within Salesforce – the Vedalgo Salesforce team can help connect you to the expert talent you need to make the most of your instance of Salesforce.

Platform /Process Redesign

The Vedalgo Salesforce team provides experts with skills, like custom software application development, to personalize an organization’s Salesforce solution for a specific user or group of users. Get the most out of Salesforce, with Vedalgo’s Salesforce expertise.

Experience Design

Support your Salesforce user groups with intuitive processes and designs. Vedalgo Salesforce consultants can help create the experience you want – for your employees, for your customers and for your stakeholders.

Data & Analytics

Salesforce provides powerful, secure and flexible end-to-end analytics for your data. Couple Salesforce with one of our expert consultants and get started today.

Advisory Assessment

Give your instance of Salesforce a complete health check. The ALKU Salesforce team can connect you to expert consultants who specialize in modifying and maximizing the platform.

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We are committed to being the best technology staffing and solutions provider by knowing the best people and paying them accordingly.

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We work with purpose. And we are proud to be a technology partner to the world’s
most innovative teams and organizations.

Vedalgo is Specialized, Like You

Our highly skilled network chooses to work with us because of our commitment to people, process and technology. There is nothing general about us or what we do.

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We remain highly specialized by maintaining focus, rigor and by following a process centered around doing the basics extraordinarily well.

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