Part-time and Referral

At VedAlgo, we are constantly improving our staffing and recruitment services for the betterment of our clients, but also for the benefit of our staff. Our part-time and referral staffing solutions are a testament to this commitment.

Referral Program

Through our employee referral program, we encourage candidates to refer their colleagues or known talent in exchange for a referral bonus. It allows us to source quality that can prove invaluable for our clients. We encourage referrals proactively so that our organization can have a fresh supply of talent each time there is a vacancy. In our experience, referrals serve us and applicants well since both have key insights on one another which can be difficult to determine in a normal recruitment practice.

Part Time Staffing Solutions

If your company has just opened its doors, chances are that you are working with a skeleton crew who are overworked and about to burn out. This is where our part time staffing solutions can prove invaluable. Rather than hiring a full-time employee you may not be able to afford in the long run, benefit from our part time staffing solutions. Some of the benefits you can enjoy with this include the following:


  • Keep costs down in areas that don’t need full time coverage.
  • Benefit from highly skilled and experienced staff members even on a fixed budget.
  • Increase your organization’s ability to respond to changes and peaks of demands.
  • Reduce workload of other employees that are doing overtime.
  • Reduce stress and burnout in the workplace.
  • Make your business more agile by employing flexible staff.
  • Get experienced and skilled staff who you are struggling to attract.


We will work with you to ensure your business enjoys value from our wide range of recruitment and staffing solutions. Our staff are dedicated when it comes to making a difference for our clients. Get in touch with us today to determine how we can help you recruit staff who can become an invaluable part of your time on a part time basis.