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Find The Right People Who Can Remain As Assets For Years

Find The Right People Who Can Remain As Assets For Years

Dedicated and skilled employees can remain as invaluable members of your tech team for years if not decades.  However, a single bad hire can result in thousands of dollars in damages. Our recruiting solutions cover all aspects of the permanent staffing process and can reduce your time-to-hire by more than half.

Whether you are swamped by unqualified leads or not attracting enough qualified ones, our recruiting team can find talent who can become permanent additions to your team.


As a leading tech staffing and recruitment agency, we can quickly find the talent that will be the best fit for your organization. Our selective and honest recruitment process means employers have confidence that we will always deliver quality candidates.

Why Trust Us?

Recruitment for permanent roles can be a time consuming and costly process if done wrong. We use a refined and thorough vetting process that allows us to pinpoint and allocate high calibre clients quickly and efficiently.


Our in-house marketing team allows us to share job vacancies and reach potential candidates through different channels. We do not believe in cookie cutter solutions. We add a personal touch to the recruitment process that is reflective of our business ethos.


It’s a war for talent out there. Remain ahead of the pack and get the best permanent hires on your staff by getting in touch with us today. Speak to our consultants or register a job vacancy.  Our consultants have years of experience in their own fields and take time to fully understand  a candidate’s position before sending details over to you.


This includes technical testing, face to face meetings and detailed discussions that allow us to determine their skill level, expertise and whether their aspirations align with your business goals.


Some of the roles we provide permanent hiring solutions for include:

  • Oracle Cloud- Applications
  • EBS
  • Peoplesof
  • SAP
  • DevOps
  • Cloud security.
  • Cloud technology.


And more! We will be more than happy to discuss your recruitment needs with you and determine the right fit as per your organizational goals. If you are ready to start your recruitment journey with us, get in touch with us today!