Your Ultimate Source For Qualified And Experienced Tech Staff And Consultation Services

As an organization grows, so does its need for quality candidates who can work on a permanent or temporary basis. With millions of job seekers out there, finding the ones you require can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Add diverse recruitment needs into the mix and you find yourself in a bind. With years of experience in tech staffing and recruiting for a diverse group of industries, VedAlgo can easily become your go-to source for top tech talent and consultants.

Contract Based Staffing Solutions

As the focus on providing flexible work solutions increases, companies that can provide contract-based positions have more chances of outperforming competitors. Locating temporary talent can be a challenge, which can stall mission critical projects.


Through our contract-based staffing solutions, we can help you find candidates who can fill in the skill gap you are currently facing. Whether you need temporary hires while you are searching for permanent talent or wish to determine the veracity of our top picks before hiring them full time, we have you covered.

Permanent Staffing Solutions

Dedicated and skilled employees can remain as invaluable members of your tech team for years if not decades. However, a single bad hire can result in thousands of dollars in damages. Our recruiting solutions cover all aspects of the permanent staffing process and we can reduce your time-to-hire by more than half. Whether you are swamped by unqualified leads or not attracting enough qualified ones, our recruiting team can find talent who can become permanent additions to your team.

Offshore Staffing Solutions

Allow us to bring top offshore talent to your doorstep. If you are unable to locate local talent that can fit in your company, we can recruit candidates from across borders who will fit your needs. We provide vetted candidates on demand who are proficient in a range of skills and tech. This includes SAP, Oracle Oracle PeopleSoft, Workday, Big Data management, EBS, Oracle Cloud Applications among other skills that can fill key gaps in your teams for smooth operations. Hire full time, contractually obligated and/or offshore candidates who will work exclusively for you through VedAlgo.