Our name VedAlgo is a combination of the words “Evolved Algorithms.”

We’re recruiters, why did we pick those words?

Marc Andreessen famously said: Software will eat the world.

Our vision is that evolved algorithms will eat software. We will reach singularity – Algorithms will write software and other algorithms. It would be easy to misunderstand us and think we’re envisioning a total lack of human involvement. No, quite the opposite actually. There will be an acute shortage of experts who will be able to design and work jointly with these evolved algorithms. That’s where we come in.

Expert consultants work on ever evolving sophistication and intelligence in software. A sure sign of sophistication in the software is in its simplicity and ease of use. ERP software has evolved tremendously over the years and out of the box functionality has become increasingly mature. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) algorithms are making the job of the end user progressively easier while increasing productivity. AI algorithms are supplementing the decisioning processes for the end user and in some cases making decisions without human intervention. Intelligent workflows can now be easily custom built for each individual user.

Our consultants use a concept called “Foundational Theory” by understanding the art of the impossible, unbound by systems limitation but with strong guardian models with preclude abrasive and aberrant behaviour. The AI Sentient Life that is born from such efforts will be intensely tested to ensure real world operational reliability not simply in the lab. We feel the future will involve Human-Sentient evolutionary outcomes on timelines that are as yet not known.

We are expert recruiters. We can understand your staffing needs precisely and no one will work harder for you. Our consultants help solve your most complex challenges by creating technology you can Trust. 100%.