About our company

We are a One-Stop-Shop for all Your IT Recruitment and Staffing Needs

The IT Industry is on the boom

We know that there are endless recruitment opportunities for IT specialists. Unfortunately, due to increased demand for such employees, a talent war is ongoing between leading IT companies. To ease this issue, we have stepped into this market to facilitate all your IT recruitment needs.

We will help you find the right talent by ensuring that they are trained, qualified, certified, and experienced resources. In addition, our razor-sharp focus on ERP recruiting and staffing helps you find the best candidates available in the market.
In ERP, our expertise is in Oracle Cloud, Oracle EBS, Oracle Oracle PeopleSoft, SAP. We also specialize in other technologies such as Salesforce, Data Warehouse, Web Development, etc.

Mr. Rocky Sanghvi

Mr. Rocky Sanghvi is CEO and Founder of VedAlgo

Serves as the Chief Executive Officer of VedAlgo, focusing on solutions to pressing issues faced by the IT industry. He is the founder of the company, which was established in 2016. Under his stewardship, VedAlgo has emerged as a favorite choice for its clients.
He has immense experience in recruiting and staffing; he has also worked with various clients, which includes but are not limited to the public sector, higher education, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and so on. His experience in this industry spans over 22 years.
His phenomenal experience makes him an expert and the most senior resource in our company. He has led the company to expand its existing business while taking on new opportunities simultaneously. His remarkable efforts have helped us achieve new levels of revenue growth.

Mr. Rocky Sanghvi is committed to the development of human capital for ERP needs. Thus, his idea for this company was to focus on ERP recruiting and staffing.