When one speaks to a successful recruiter you know it within the first minute.   They are respectful, polite, courteous but you can tell that they have really put in great effort into not just thoroughly understanding the client’s requirements but also in understanding the consultant’s qualifications that are on the resume and from prior conversations.

“A great recruiter knows that a successful placement happens not when the deal is signed but when the consultant successfully completes a project and earns a referenceable client. “

A great recruiter has already anticipated the questions that will come up in that first minute and the rest of the conversation.   They make it seem so easy and yet behind all of it is razor sharp focus, honesty and an uncommon dedication to the client’s success and the consultant’s well-being.   Our highly specialized network of experts chooses to work with us because we’re committed to developing long term relationships not short-term placements.

We are specialized like the consultants we recruit and we have an unrelenting commitment to being the best.   We work hard and with great deliberation.